Our Local Partners

Dawa Sherpa

Since June 2004, the position of project coordinator is occupied by Dawa Sherpa, a very active teacher who is employed at the same school as the headmaster, who executed the role of project coordinator from 1996 to 2004. Until December 2008, Dawa was working at the school part-time and dedicated the rest of his time to the project work.

Since the beginning of 2009, there have been a few changes. Dawa, who had so far been paid 50% by the Initiative, had the opportunity to accept a teaching position paid from government funds, however under condition of working full-time. 

Anil Kumar Basnet

We now have arranged for another teacher (Anil Kumar Basnet) who is paid by us to do the time consuming project work on a full-time basis, while Dawa is still in charge of the overall coordination and the correspondence with us. 

During the early years, we had in Gyaljen Sherpa a very able representative in Kathmandu, who kept up the contact with the remote project area. Since his departure in 2006, there have been several changes on that position. However, with the instalment of the internet link in 2008 and the bus connection to Kumbu, it has no longer the same significance it had in the past. Since November 2012, the post is occupied by a student, Raj Kumari Bhujel, as a sideline.

A new aspect is furthermore that on the local area we now cooperate with FRADS, the local partner of the Nepal project of the Helene-Lange School in Wiesbaden (Kinder von Bhandar e.V.). The background for this is the fact that we - only working directly with the people in the VDC - have no partner organization and are therefore not registered as a charitable organization at the Nepalese Ministry for Social Affairs. As a practical consequence of this cooperation, our project book-keeping is done in the FRADS office in Kathmandu, and we coordinate in special cases where a common stand towards our partners (which are all neighbouring VDCs) is useful.

There has been a considerable improvement of communication since end of July 2008. Due to a mini power supply system that was financed by us, a telephone link could be established in the area. On that premise, Dawa was able to acquire a licence for an internet access. While full e-mail communication had previously been possible only when the project coordinator was in Kathmandu, we in 2008 got a direct link to the project area for the first time since the beginning of our project work 12 years ago. Thus, our task is now substantially facilitated.