About us

The Initiative Kronberg 96 for One World is a private organisation. Since its foundation, it has been running projects in Nepal and Guatemala. Originating from the personal experience of some members, it was created with the intention to provide specific help for the improvement of the precarious situation of the population through selected projects.

Since its foundation in 1996, the Initiative Kronberg 96 for One World has been recognized as a charitable organization. In accordance with our constitution, our funds are limited to a maximum of  three project areas, the reason being that we wish to provide continuous support rather than selective, isolated assistance. With this in mind, we have been active in Nepal and Guatemala since 1996. In 1913, we stopped our assistance to Guatemala as there was no longer a demand.

In Nepal, our projects concentrate on Kumbu Kasthali VDC, district Ramechhap in the Eastern part of the country. Whereas in Guatemala our help had been limited to expanding and improving primary schools in an area mainly populated by Mayas, the assistance to Kumbu Kasthali  is on a broader basis.

From the beginning, the main focus of our school assistance was to enable all children to receive basic education. To this end, schools are renovated and expanded, teaching is improved by the delivery of school material, and by financing the salary of some teachers we contribute to a better teacher/pupils ratio. In addition we try to bring to school also the children of the poorest families by means of a special incentive programme.

In the course of 17 years (until 2013), some 340,000 Euro have been used for school assistance.

Class room in the beginning of our assistance
Class room in 2014

Furthermore, since 2004 the Initiative assists the population of the VDC with basic hygiene and medical services, as these are insufficiently provided by the Nepali Government. The most important project in this sector was the reconstruction of the completely run-down Sub-Health Post which we have completed by a delivery room in order to reduce unhygienic home deliveries which are an important contributor for the high maternal and child mortality rates. 

Another aspect of our project work is a practical approach to improve the economic situation of the VDC as well as measures to reduce poverty. So for instance, since 2009/2010, we support vocational training for school leavers, the construction of a public library and other sub-projects. 

The delivery room

Sources of finance

Our money sources are primarily donations from private persons, not least permanent sponsorships for Nepali teachers and children.We sell ordinarily on the Christmas market in Kronberg, but also at school events such as “open door” days etc. On rare occasions, we also benefit from the proceeds from special events, such as charity runs or concerts.

All members work on honorary basis, so the administrative cost is minimal.

Christmas market in Kronberg
Charity Run

If you would like to support our organisation through your membership (EUR 40 per year) you may print out the Aufnahmeantrag and send it to us. You will than get more information.