Measures Realized in each School

In the 7 schools of the VDC which are all supported by us, there are in total 50teachers (11 of them fully paid by us, 4 others get a small subsidy) plus 7 CDC teachers. There are 46 classes with 985 pupils, plus 5 nursery schools with 76 children. The girls represent 52% which is a rather high rate for Nepal. It is as well remarkable that in 27 classes out of 46 the percentage of girls is the same or higher than that of the boys. This is a positive development of recent years.

In the following the data for teachers and pupils include the 5 nursery schools (Kindergardens). 

Information about individual schools:

Secondary School in Kumbu (Ward 7) 

Until grade 10, 14 teachers, 398 pupils (169 boys / 229 girls)

Completion of 2 annex buildings with 6 classes, renovation (demolition and reconstruction) of main building, water connection with tap and toilet block, start of grade 6 (1997) and grade 7 (1998) by paying the salary of 2 lower secondary teachers, purchase of books and other teaching aids, replacement of blackboards, school furniture, sports material, refurbishment of office room (= room for teachers), dictionaries and grammar books, establishment of Kindergarden (CDC-Child Development Centre), subsidy for CDC teacher, annex for cooking and storage, classrooms for grade 8 (2006), grade 9 (2008) and grade 10 (2009), partly through 2nd floor on top of main building, reserve water tank, equipment for science education.

Primary School with Lower Secondary Level in Upper Kasthali (Ward 2) 

Until grade 8 (9 and 10 in preparation), 12 teachers, 148 pupils (84 boys / 64 girls) 

Concrete flooring of all rooms, salary for 2 lower secondary teachers, plastering of walls, frames for doors and windows, teaching aids, sports material, furniture for office room, subsidy for caretaker (peon), instruments for maths and science classes, water connection for tap and toilet block, school furniture, fencing of playground, new rooms for grade 8 and CDC, subsidy for CDC teacher, partially new windows, new building for grade 9 and 10, fitting out of CDC, water tank.


Primary School with Lower Secondary level in Khadka Gaun (Ward 1) 

Until grade 8, 7 teachers, 140 pupils (67 boys / 73 girls)

Renovation of main building with addition of 2 classrooms, water tap and toilet block, replacement of blackboards, window grills, new building for office room, English books, glass for windows, cooking and store room, subsidy for cook/peon, salary for 1 teacher, sports material, teaching aids, new room for grade 6 and 7, new toilet, improvement of office room, enlargement of playground, repair of damaged concrete floor, new room for grade 8.

Primary School in Charam (Ward3)

 Until grade 5, 6 teachers, 102 pupils (49 boys / 53 girls)

Refurbishment of old building (big part of the roof with "open air", often no lessons in monsoon time), plastering of walls, water connection with tap and toilet block, teaching aids, sports material, demolition and reconstruction of main building, school furniture, salary of 2 primary teachers, new room for grade 5, subsidy for CDC teacher and room for CDC, English books, new water tap, store room, enlargement and fencing of playground.


Primary School in Neka (Ward 5)

Until grade 5, 5 teachers, 62 pupils (37 boys / 25 girls)

Repair of roof, school furniture, demolition and reconstruction of old building, water tap and toilet, teaching aids, sports material, annex for cooking and storage, English books, subsidy for partially-paid teacher, repair of concrete floor, water tank, rooms for grade 4 and 5.


Primary School in Puna (Ward 8) 

Until grade 5, 5 teachers, 69 pupils (37 boys / 32 girls)

Complete renovation of main building, school furniture, teacher salary, teaching aids, water tap and toilet block, room for cooking and storage, furnishing of office room, new room for CDC incl. fitting out, subsidy for CDC teacher, drum and cassette player, new room for grade 4, protection against land slide, fence for school compound, new office room on top of grade 4 room in execution (old office room used for grade 5).

Primary School in Chirmalu (Ward 9)

Until grade 5, 4 teachers, 45 pupils (20 boys / 25 girls)

The school was newly established in 2001, thanks to a private donation from our member Bert Angstmann. Before the pupils went to 3 different schools, with walking times up to 1 hour. Salary for the first teacher, water connection for tap, later also toilet, fencing of compound for security reasons, additional school furniture, new room for grade 4, teaching aids, improvement of office room.

Mr. Angstmann unfortunately died in September 2008. We will remember him for ever as a great friend of Nepal and as always generous sponsor of our Initiative.