Communal Library

With the financial assistance of the Unesco Group and other pupils of the AKS, a special room for a communal library was built and furnished. It is located on top of the office room of the Kumbu school, the only Secondary School in the VDC. A young man from the community, Bikram Sunuwar, was trained as librarian with our financing. In order to assure that the selection of books is in line with the needs of the population a Library Working Committee and a Book Management Committee were formed. Furthermore the inhabitants of the VDC were invited by public notice to present own proposals for books which should be acquired. The basic stock with around 500 books in Nepali language was purchased by the Book Management Committee shortly before our visit in April 2011.

In connection with the establishment of the library the District Education Office has granted the status of "Community Learning Centre to the Kumbu school which includes a small financial assistance. For the purchase of more books there are funds available from another donation of the AKS Unesco Group and, in case of special needs, from normal funds of the Initiative.

So Oliver Gunkel-Pfitzner, a teacher of AKS who was actively engaged in the establishment of the library, was happy to participate in the inauguration together with some more members on April 19, 2011. It was a pleasure to see crowds of pupils entering the library and starting to rummage youth books and others.