Sponsorship Programme

Under the name of "School Incentive Programme" in July 2006 a programme was created which grants parents of selected poor and underprivileged children a small cash allowance, provided the children attend monthly at least 80% of the classes. This is an attempt to motivate the parents to send their children to school regularly. At the same time they receive a small compensation for the loss of their children's assistance at home.

Criteria for the selection of potential children - aside from the financial distress - are family hardships, e.g. illness or death of one or both parents. The affiliation to a lower caste, e.g. the Dalits, can also be a factor.

We have been supporting this incentive programme since end of 2006 through sponsorships for children. In this instance, classes of the Altkönigschule Kronberg (AKS), the Montessori School Kronberg and other schools as well as private persons have taken up sponsorships for children of the aforementioned target group. The sponsors pay in 15 euros per month, which are used partly for the families of the children, partly for further school equipment (school dress, school and teaching materials, tuition classes etc.) and for the extension of the programme in the area, or for the vocational training of graduates with SLC (see below). Also, provisions have to be made in the event that individual sponsors terminate their sponsorship.

In recent years, there have always been between 115 and 120 children profiting from this program. In 2013, about one third of these children were supported by school classes, the remaining children by private persons. With as little as 15 € monthly, you can contribute to avoid that children drop out school too early in order to earn some livelihood for their families.

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