Nepal earthquake relief appeal of Initiative Kronberg 96 für Eine Welt e.V.

Since 1997, Initiative Kronberg 96 supports the VDC Kumbu-Kasthali (Kubukasthali) in Ramechhap district northeast of Kathmandu. The earthquakes on 25.04.2015 and 12.05.2015 and also the following strong aftershocks in Ramechhap have caused great devastation in our project area.

"Many houses collapsed including ours", writes Ramesh Sunam, a formerscholarship holder of Initiative Kronberg 96.

Our bank account for donations:
Frankfurter Volksbank
IBAN: DE95 5019 0000 0000 6667 50

All schools and most private houses are damaged. Many houses and buildings have collapsed or are in danger of collapsing. For this reason, the people in the VDC prefer to stay in shelters made from bamboo and tarpaulins. As the work on the fields was disrupted by the quakes, it could be that the followings harvests will be lower than usually and that the food situation will deteriorate. The people still need our help, especially for the reconstruction. 
Therefore we ask you to continue to give donations for this purpose.

Teacher in the primary school of Neka
School in Kumbu with neighbouring house

Destroyed farm house
In such shelters people spend the night

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